The script of the upcoming “Joker” film starring Joaquin Phoenix has reportedly leaked online. The plot of the film reveals a never before seen side of the famous comic book character, making him more relatable when compared to the previous iterations.

The following article contains spoilers of “Joker.”

A draft of the script written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for the upcoming “Joker” film has leaked online, CBR reported. The story reportedly makes it the “most controversial” film of the year.

The comic book super villain has so far been portrayed as a negative element in a corrupt society, but in the upcoming film, the story will reveal the circumstances that lead to the character turning into a criminal. According to the script, the first act shows Phoenix’s character as a sympathetic anti-hero.

The anti-hero has some flaws that the audience will be able to notice even in the first act. For instance, he will stalk his crush and call her a whore when he finds out that she has a boyfriend.

The turning point in “Joker” for the protagonist comes when he kills three people who work in Wall Street in self-defence. The event leads to a mass movement against the rich elite of the fictitious city of Gotham, and Phoenix’s character becomes their mascot for revolution.

The real name of the man behind the mask in the film is Arthur Fleck. He is a struggling stand up comedian who tries to bring joy in the life of others, but gets repeatedly mistreated by society, Screen Rant reported. The circumstances of his life lead to his eventual transformation into the villain.

One character who will play a direct role in Fleck’s eventual transformation is Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), IGN reported. The film is set in the year 1981, the same year when Batman’s parents were murdered. However, the Caped Crusader is not expected to appear in the upcoming film.

“Joker” will be released on Oct. 4.

"Joker" is an origin story of the infamous comic book character. Joker/Facebook