Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin, pictured here at Maxim's 'Big Game Weekend' on Jan. 31, 2014, recently denied rumors that he insulted his ex-wife's breakup on social media. Getty

Did Jon Gosselin trash talk his ex-wife Kate Gosselin after her rumored breakup? Fortunately for fans of TLC's "Kate Plus 8," that’s not what’s happening here.

It was revealed earlier this week that Kate Gosselin had allegedly split up with her boyfriend, millionaire businessman Jeff Prescott. Soon after, reports surfaced from Radar Online indicating that her ex-husband, and former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” co-star threw some shade on social media by posting a “praise/celebration hands” emoji on a Facebook post about the breakup. However, Jon Gosselin himself is now refuting those claims, saying that he would never trash talk his children’s mother in a public forum. For those that don’t know, Jon and Kate raised eight children together before their divorce in 2009.

"I have teenage kids now who are on social media," he recently told Entertainment Tonight. "They read everything, and the last thing I'm going to do is trash their mother."

The father turned reality star and DJ admits that he has both a private and public Facebook account, but he claims neither were used to post the comment in question. Instead, it was an imposter account designed by an unknown user to look like his official page. According to Us Weekly, Kate claims that she has no contact with Jon Gosselin, meaning that their relationship is still on the rocks - even if he wasn’t responsible for making fun of her recent heartache on social media.

Meanwhile, Kate is remaining stoic about her recent breakup. In fact, despite reports, she’s actually claiming that she was never actually in a relationship with Prescott. However, many believe that the duo were moving forward as a couple but Prescott took issue with the idea of exposing his children to Gosselin’s reality show “Kate Plus Eight.” They allegedly called it quits after he walked out on a Labor Day Weekend taping in New York City.