Josh Powell
Josh Powell's life insurance company is now turning to courts to decide who, if anyone, is eligible for the payout. REUTERS/Cliff Despeaux

Josh Powell's two young sons were buried this past Saturday, and new information is now being released regarding their shocking, and ultimately deadly home life.

Detectives investigating Josh Powell and his home explosion on Feb. 5 don't believe that he was living in the house that he burned down. On Tuesday, Pierce County Sheriff's Detective Ed Troyer said that it appears that Powell was residing at his father's home. The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Tuesday that the home Powell destroyed was a sham. It is believed that Powell passed the home off as his own so he could be granted supervised visits with his kids. Detectives think that he only occupied the home during those visits.

Troyer said that neighbors had not seen Josh Powell in months. Besides his absence, police found it suspicious that there was hardly anything in the home. Just some pictures on the wall, said Troyer.

Sgt. Denny Woods told the Tacoma News Tribune that Powell set up the house like a rental. I think it was staged so when CPS (Child Protective Services) came, it would look like a loving family, said Woods.

Considered a person of interest in his wife Susan Powell's disappearance, Josh Powell temporarily lost custody of his kids in September 2011. The children were staying with their maternal grandparents, Chuck and Judy Cox. Powell was ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation before he was able to seek custody of his children.

Powell at that time had been living with his father, Steve Powell, who was arrested on charges of child pornography and voyeurism. Steve Powell, who has told police that he had a sexual relationship with his daughter-in-law, is currently a person of interest in Susan Powell's disappearance.

On Feb. 5 Powell took a hatchet to his two sons before their house exploded, killing all three inside.