Justin Bieber is that the contents of his phone may lead to legal issues for the star. Reuters

Justin Bieber is reportedly concerned about a little bit more than the recent search of his Calabasas, Calif., mansion by authorities.

Police raided Justin Bieber's residence on Jan. 14 in search of any evidence that could possibly connect the singer or his entourage to an egg-throwing incident that occurred in his neighborhood. Officers took the Biebs' cell phone during the raid, and a source has now told E! News that the singer's team is worried about what may be on the device.

"Justin's people are really worried that [the sheriff's department] have his phone," a source told E! News. The source did not reveal to E! what may be on the 19-year-old's phone. But TMZ says its own sources say the singer is anxious about both naked photos and text messages with drug references. According to E! News' source, neither the security footage obtained from Bieber’s home nor the contents of the star's phone have been looked at yet.

As we reported earlier, police raided Bieber's home Tuesday morning in an effort to find “video surveillance or other relevant evidence” of the vandalism. Following the raid on the home, the singer’s best friend Lil Za was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. Bieber was present at the home, but wasn’t arrested. There is currently no evidence that Bieber was in any way responsible for the vandalism.