The Rolling Stone report alleged Kanye West used intimidation tactics with employees

Musician Kanye West, who formally changed his name to Ye, has sparked headlines in recent months over various controversial statements, including praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and other antisemitic comments.

Many were shocked following West's interview with Alex Jones in early December, in which the "Donda" rapper claimed he could "see good things about Hitler."

However, sources who have worked with West told Rolling Stone it wasn't the rapper's first time complimenting Hilter.

The outlet claimed West's admiration for Hitler was well-known for about 20 years but kept secret within the rapper's inner circle.

After West signed with Roc-A-Fella in 2002, he began discussing Hitler and Nazis, according to music industry sources. An insider who worked with West in 2003 claimed the rapper would often catch people off guard with his questions about Hitler.

"...Going up to somebody like, 'So what do you think about the Holocaust?' the source revealed.

West was reportedly relentless in his inquiries until the individual seemed to agree with his views about the "good" in Hitler. However, some exchanges "became heated depending on the person."

"[West's] pattern of speaking on this in the studio [or] workplace was reasonably consistent," a second source explained.

"If he felt you were trustworthy ... there was a reasonably high likelihood that he would attempt to engage with you and evangelize his beliefs about Hitler and the Nazis to you."

Amid the uncomfortable conversations, a third source who worked with the rapper in 2014 claimed employees never reported West out of fear of losing their jobs.

"When these things happened, if you still wanted a place in this group, you stuffed down your concerns, kept a smile on your face, and moved forward as if nothing bad had happened," the former collaborator said.

West almost ruined a business deal that following year when he called Hitler a "marketing genius" during a phone call.

The person on the other end attempted to salvage the meeting by switching topics, but West refused to move on.

"No, [Hitler] really understood how to mobilize people in a way that no one ever has," West allegedly said at the time.

"Hearing that, it's almost unfathomable that anyone would call [Hitler] anything other than a murderer, without question the most disgusting thing I've heard in my lifetime," the business source revealed.

History of West's admiration for Hitler continues to come to light amid the "Yeezus" rapper's ongoing controversial statements.

West's recent antisemitic comments have resulted in several consequences, including the closure of his school, Donda Academy, and the end of his lucrative partnership with Adidas.