Makeup lovers everywhere know who Kat Von D is. From her successful makeup launches to her public feud with Jeffree Star, she seems to make headlines every couple of months. This time she is in the news for her new enormous arm tattoo.

The beauty mogul excitingly shared her new ink in a picture and video post on Instagram. The post showcased a blackout tattoo. A blackout tattoo is not a tattoo gotten when you’re very drunk. It actually means a major portion of someone's body is filled in with solid black ink, according to Cosmopolitan. It can be used to cover up bad tattoos or for negative space designs.

"I’m so in love with my new blacked-out arm tattooed by @hoode215! _ Can’t believe it only took him 1.5 hours - and it’s the most consistent, true black I have ever seen!," she captioned her post. "I feel so lucky to have @hoode215 guest spotting here at @highvoltagetat and excited to have him come back in regular basis! Go follow @hoode215 to see the most impressive black work.”

People were quick to tell Von D how much they didn’t like it.

“The only part that looks good is the tattoo you already had in my opinion that looks horrible,” one person said. “You have access to people who do awesome coverups why pure black sorry but I couldn’t act like I thought it looked good.”

“I dunno,” someone else said. “For a tattoo artist and someone with so much artistic skill, this seems… well it’s just terrible. I'll say it. And people talking like it's such an artistic expression…it is. looks like an arm was dipped in a can of paint.”

Von D clapped back at the haters saying: “P.S. it’s all good if you don’t like my tattoo, because I do! I had so many old crappy tattoos that over the years I’ve tried lasering, then covered up that it just felt like a blurry mess. Having it all blacked out so beautifully looks so clean and smooth and I love that! It’s not for everybody, but I’m just so grateful that artists like @hoode215 exist and are masters of their craft!”

The makeup mogul has a professional history with tattoos. Before becoming who she is today, she started as a tattoo artist and starred on “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink.”

Kat Von D
Tattoo artist-turned-makeup maven Kat Von D is pictured Oct. 7, 2016 in London. Getty Images