• Kate Middleton and Prince William's children.
  • Kate Middleton shared how she spends her children's birthday.
  • Royal fans anticipate Kate Middleton and Prince William's Christmas card.

Kate Middleton celebrates Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ birthdays in a ridiculous way.

The Duchess of Cambridge always make sure that her children’s birthdays are extra special. Middleton confessed on the BBC special “A Berry Royal Christmas” that she stays up late to make a cake for her kids when it’s their natal day.

“I love making the cake. It’s become a bit of a tradition that I stay up until midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing and I make far too much,” Middleton said. “But I love it.”

An insider revealed that Middleton usually enlists caterers to make her children’s favorites including pizza, pasta and sliders. The royal kids love cupcakes, ice cream machine and candy. The duchess generally ensures that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis stick to a healthy diet, but their birthdays are an exception.

For the special, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Mary Berry, 84, in preparing food as a thank you to those who volunteered with their charity organizations over the course of the year. Middleton also shared that the food writer and TV presenter was the inspiration of Prince Louis’ first words.

Prince William’s wife revealed that Prince Louis’ first word was “Mary” and it was because her youngest son saw all her cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf. Prince Louis was reportedly fascinated by the faces on the cooking books and would say “That’s Mary Berry.” The duchess added that if Prince Louis would have seen Berry that day, the little royal would surely recognize her.

Meanwhile, Middleton is reportedly helping her three littles ones get in the holiday spirit. She planned to take them to Hurlingham Club to see Santa Claus. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been invited to the club’s Fairytale Grotto in the Log Cabin where Santa Claus has been spotted already.

In related news, royal fans are already excited to see a new Cambridge family photo. Many took to Twitter to express that they are looking forward to seeing Prince William and Middleton’s Christmas card because they know that it would be the best opportunity to see the royal family of five again.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Diana love the snow. Pictured: Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince William during a private break skiing at an undisclosed location in the French Alps on March 3, 2016. Getty Images/John Stillwell