Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton apparently duplicated her infamous eye roll Tuesday. Reuters

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton caused a fuss when she rolled her eyes during her trip to New York, and now she has apparently done it again. While some were focused on the fact that the pregnant royal wore a sweatshirt to the 23rd Poplar Beaver Scouts in London Tuesday, others noticed that the duchess allegedly gave the side eye when she was presented with multiple tasks, Us Weekly reported.

While some news sites have called it an eye roll, others might think it looked more like shock. Click here to see the photo, courtesy of E! News.

The Clarence House posted a video to Instagram of Middleton’s trip to Scout Association’s Better Prepared, but the alleged eye roll does not seem to be visible in the clip. Middleton, 32, can be seen helping a young boy ice a cupcake so he can earn a disability awareness badge.

The post received more than 2,400 likes and generated dozens of comments from users. Some commented that Middleton was “just like us” since she wore a hoodie. “The more I see of Kate the more I like her,” happyladyjade wrote. “Seems like such a lovely person- and I can see Poplar from my office!” Christierary shared, “@sarahcharrison how normal and adorable in her hoodie!!!”

Not many IG users seemed to mention that the royal allegedly gave the side eye. Middleton’s first eye roll in New York, however, was a little more obvious. At the time, she was helping wrap presents at Northside Child Development Center in Harlem. At one point, she apparently took a break from wrapping, and a worker allegedly shouted, “Keep wrapping.” She looked behind, gave a quick eye roll, smiled and continued to wrap. The “Royal Side Eye” clip went viral, and has been viewed on Vine more than 13 million times.

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