Kate Middleton and Prince William have certainly faced their share of criticism lately as rumors and controversies have continued to follow them in recent months. Due to the amount of pressure that has been placed on members of the British royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly "felt the need to flee the Palace and go straight to Balmoral."

In June, news broke that The Royal Foundation was splitting apart, which meant that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to remain with the charitable effort while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be going their own way. According to the Latin Times, the separation from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left Kate "devastated," especially after the name was officially changed to signify the detachment.

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"Kate has been left really rattled by her and Wills' split from Harry and Meghan," an unnamed palace source revealed to New Idea, adding, "She's incredibly upset by the whole situation and can't believe it's come to this - and things have ended so badly between the four of them. This sort of public split is her worst nightmare come true."

Continuing, the insider said, "She took off to Balmoral to get out of the spotlight for a while and collect her thoughts. She feels like 2019 has just been one drama after another, and their public split from Harry and Meghan is the last straw." 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have additionally endured a fair amount of criticism lately, as a royal expert recently said they believed that their behavior could "detrimental to the business of the monarchy" and another warned them to "tread carefully."

Kate Middleton 12 Kate Middleton reacts during her visit to the Foundling Museum, where young people are taught to use art in order to make a positive contribution to society, in central London on March 19, 2019. Photo: Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland