Kate Middleton has reportedly lost to Meghan Markle when it came to fashion-related Google searches last year.

Ciaran McGrath, a journalist for Express, said that this may indicate that the Duchess of Sussex may be winning the much-hyped battle of the Duchesses, at least when it comes to fashion.

Data provider SEMrush revealed that Markle also won over other A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. The data provider based their analysis on searches involving the names of celebrities plus the keywords “fashion look” or similar during a 12-month period from January to December 2018.

The total number of data searches regarding Markle’s fashion is estimated at 26,100, while Middleton’s figure was only at 10,600. Bieber garnered 8,940 and Grande earned 8,683 within the past year.

Statistics also showed that Prince Harry’s wife was the most-searched person on Google. One of the most popular questions that the public has searched for had to do with the Duchess of Sussex’s age. The second most popular question had to do with Markle’s pregnancy. The public searched for information about the former actress’ pregnancy 69,290 times.

Other popular questions that have to do with Markle were “How tall is Meghan Markle?” “What will Meghan Markle’s title be?” and “Does Meghan Markle have a child?”

Olga Andrienko, SEMrush’s Head of Global Marketing, told the publication that Markle has been named as the second most popular actress in history to have married a royal. If social media existed back then, all eyes would have been on Grace Kelly.

“Meghan had been famous as an actress and as a fashion icon before she became a part of the royal family. Having such a strong background, enhanced by a fairytale-like story and the refined fashion style, Meghan stands a good chance of getting even more attention in 2019,” the source said.

SEMrush also carried out a sentiment analysis rating questions in terms of neutral, positive, and negative. They found out that in the United Kingdom, 91.47 percent were judged to be neutral, 7.74 percent positive and just 0.79 percent are negative.