• Kate Middleton sparked pregnancy rumors this week
  • Kate Middleton is rumored to not have worn her engagement ring because her fingers are swollen
  • Kate Middleton has not announced her fourth pregnancy

Kate Middleton recently sparked rumors that she could be pregnant with her and Prince William’s fourth child.

Earlier this week, the Duchess of Cambridge visited a children’s hospital. Photos showed that Middleton didn’t wear her engagement ring during her outing.

According to Express, this may be because Middleton’s fingers are swollen due to her fourth pregnancy. The NHS revealed that swelling is common among pregnant women because the body retains more water than usual.

As such, some pregnant women swap their engagement ring for other bands to ensure that they will feel comfortable during their pregnancy.

However, People claimed that Middleton had to get rid of her engagement ring because too much jewelry is not allowed when visiting hospitals. And since the Duchess of Cambridge needs to wash her hands often before and after visiting the wards, it was best for her to not wear her ring.

Prince William gifted his wife a sapphire and diamond ring when they got engaged in 2010. The accessory previously belonged to Princess Diana.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only reason why Middleton is rumored to be pregnant again. When she arrived at the hospital, the Duchess of Cambridge placed her hand on her belly, which is a gesture that is common among pregnant women.

However, the palace has yet to confirm or deny the reports. During Middleton’s first three pregnancies, it was the palace that made the official announcement.

In related news, the future queen previously said that she may not have any more kids because Prince William no longer wants their family to get bigger. However, it is still possible for Middleton to surprise royal fans with a pregnancy announcement.

Prince William and Middleton welcomed their first child, Prince George, in 2013. Two years later, the royal couple had their daughter, Princess Charlotte. And in 2018, Prince Louis was born.

Experts are convinced that a pregnancy announcement won’t be very long due to the age gap of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton Pregnant
Odds are increasing that Kate Middleton could announce a fourth pregnancy. The Duchess is pictured greeting crowds outside St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, eastern England on Dec. 25, 2018.  Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images