The picture-perfect family portrait of Kate Middleton and Prince William with their two kids is not as perfect as it seems. The family portrait was released by Kensington Palace Friday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sent Christmas greetings to their well-wishers and fans all over the world via their new Christmas card.

After taking a closer look at the picture, there are a few imperfections that can be spotted. And common people including parents alike can relate to it.

The adorable Princess Charlotte in her pale pink cardigan, floral dress and woollen tights appears to be missing a shoe. As the royal couple pose for the picture in the garden of Kensington Palace, their kids take center stage. However, Princess Charlotte’s shoe appears to have fallen on the ground.

Also, Prince George is seen giving a naughty grin to the camera while his toy, a red wooden train is seen lying beside his baby sister’s shoe. William appears to have his eyes fixed on two-year-old George, while his hand is ready to grab the toy train. The tot meanwhile appears to be ready to make a run for his toy.

The picture was clicked by Chris Jelf in the grounds of Kensington Palace in October. All of them are seen smiling broadly in the picture with leaves scattered on the grass lawn indicating autumn. Though Kate is pictured balancing baby Charlotte on her knee, with a huge smile on her face, it would have been difficult for her to keep Charlotte in the position for long.

“I thoroughly enjoyed photographing a very lovely family, although you have to be sharp as you don't have long when there are two young children involved! I hope everyone enjoys this photo and I am honoured that the Duke and Duchess have decided to share it with the public,” Jeff said.

Meanwhile, the candid shot has generated a Photoshop controversy with Twitter users posing some serious questions about the image. It was reportedly brought up by BuzzFeed, but when the publication contacted a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace, he declined to comment and rather laughed over the Photoshop part.