Kate Middleton is reportedly inferior to Meghan Markle in one matter.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are often pitted against each other. However, Middleton is inferior to Markle in one area – language.

According Perry Carpenter, Markle is fluent in Spanish. This is reportedly her second language. In Andrew Morton’s book “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” he shared how the Duchess of Cambridge landed a six-week internship at the American embassy in Bueno Aires as a junior press officer. Markle also took a six-week course in Madrid at the international Education for Students programs to be fluent in her second language.

“Her superior, Mark Krischik, now retired, recalled her as a young woman who was good to work with and who carried out her assignments with ‘efficiency and ingenuity,’” Morton wrote.

Krischik told Morton that Markle had “all that it takes to be a successful diplomat.” He added that the program in Spain “was an added string to her bow just in case she wanted to give the world of diplomacy another try.”

Just like Markle, Middleton loves to learn new languages. She learned some Arabic when her family was living in Jordan as a child. The Duchess of Cambridge also studied art and Italian at the British Institute in Florence during her gap year. However, the languages Middleton learned didn’t stick. Over the years, Middleton became less-proficient in Italian and Arabic.

“My languages are so bad, I have to make sure my children are better than me, that’s my aim,” Middleton confessed during a visit to Leicester in 2018.

While Middleton is inferior in language, she is always on top of Markle when it comes to their height. The Duchess of Sussex stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is taller than the average British woman. However, the Duchess of Cambridge is three inches taller than Markle because she stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

In related news, both Markle and Middleton have offended their staff in different ways. Markle’s staff weren’t pleased with her text messages early in the morning. Meanwhile, Middleton was so hands-on and was doing a lot of things for herself that it didn’t sit well with her staff.

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Kate Middleton, on the left at St Luke's Community Centre on March 22, 2018 in London, and Meghan Markle, at Cardiff Castle on Jan. 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. Ben Bircall/Paul Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images