• Kate Middleton discussed parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic in a video chat with fellow parents last week
  • She described the experience as "exhausting"
  • Middleton's statement received mixed responses, with some criticizing the duchess for complaining despite having nannies to help her

Kate Middleton recently said that parenting during the coronavirus pandemic has left her "exhausted" in a chat with fellow parents, but some social media users were far from convinced regarding the duchess' woes.

Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge discussed over video chat the challenges of raising and homeschooling children during lockdown with three parents whose kids attend a primary school in London and head teacher Melissa Loosemore. During the chat, which was shared on the Cambridges' Instagram, they were asked to describe parenting during the pandemic in one word, and Middleton's answer was "exhausting." Other parents wrote "challenging," "hectic" and "patience."

The duchess' response didn't sit well with some netizens, who slammed her for complaining despite allegedly having a nanny assisting her in taking care of her three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

"Watching that video with Kate...she had NO clue how to talk to them. She'd been away from us commoners for so long, she is clueless how to talk to us anymore. And she acted like she couldn't really give a s--t," one Twitter user commented.

"Her children have a nanny, plus its easy to hire a live in tutor if you've enough money. I sincerely doubt she's educating them herself," another wrote.

"Who knows but I heard that Kate Middleton was complaining about how exhausted she is for having to be around her kids more! Mind you she has nannies, household staff while regular people don’t but aren’t complaining," a third person wrote.

"Oh really, she has everything and she feels exhausted!!! She needs to get a real job. Where is her staff -- nannies, chef, cleaners etc. I can’t believe she has said this!!!!" Joy Mohide wrote.

"Oh it must be exhausting having to homeschool the children instead of the nanny... How relatable this is," another posted, adding a facepalm emoji.

Amid the criticisms, Middleton's fans showered her with love and support and pointed out that even if her kids have nannies, she has always been a hands-on mom. Others said social media users have no right to judge as they have not seen the duchess' life behind the cameras.

"Kate Middleton is flawless. She's so iconic love her!" one person wrote.

"Kate is right and moms shouldn't be scared or shamed to admit it. Home schooling 3 kids and continuing with royal duties is as exhausting as it is for any working parent homeschooling 3 kids," another tweeted.

"It sounds silly to hear someone so privileged complain about being exhausted but in the context of a conversation with parents, her comment *may* have made it easier for the other participants to share their feelings, which was the point of the event," another suggested.

Middleton values quality time and has even broken some traditions for her kids. For instance, she takes their photos for their birthdays and other milestones. According to one expert, taking her kids' portraits makes Middleton relatable and "resourceful with money." It also gives her the opportunity to show off her skills in photography.

“It shows how modern Kate and William are by being more accessible and having a hands-on approach,” Gina Jones from Bumpkins, The Baby Show's lead experts in baby photography, told Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Getty Images/Adrian Dennis