Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton has increased desirability among American shoppers to purchase British brands by 38 percent. Pictured: Middleton attends the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit at London County Hall on October 9, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland-WPA Pool

Kate Middleton is still known as the most powerful style influencer and Meghan Markle is just lagging closely behind her.

Emily Chan, a journalist for Daily Mail, claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge has the power to convince American shoppers to buy British brands. The mom of three is also the most-liked UK “icon” in the United States, and she’s even ranked before Meghan Markle, who is an American. Also, in the list is award-winning singer Adele.

Brand Finance’s British Luxury 2018 survey revealed that Middleton wearing a product increases the desirability among 38 percent of American shoppers. Markle, on the other hand, increases desirability by 35 percent. Prince Harry, who is also part of the survey, reportedly increases desirability by 32 percent.

One of the clothes that was worn by Middleton and that immediately became sold out was her Whistles dress. Prince William’s wife wore the attire to a reception dinner at Kensington Palace last year. Markle’s Other Stories polka dot dress, which she wore during her trip to Fraser Island, was also sold out.

Middleton and Markle have both benefited the brand Goat, which the former has worn on multiple occasions. Markle also wore pieces from the brand when she attended the garden party at the Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

Kalpa Shah, managing director of goat, opened up about the two female royals’ impact on the brand.

“The planets really did align for us when the Duchess of Sussex wore one of our dresses at Prince Charles’ birthday… all eyes were still on her. And people wanted to see the bride after the wedding. The impact for Goat was magnified simply because of timing. We get an uplift straight away. Kate and Meghan have both been amazing at putting us on the radar of such a huge amount of people, because of their profile,” Shah said.

Alex Haigh, the director of Brand Finance, added, “Endorsement by any royal, but particularly the Duchesses, is like the mythical golden touch and can transform a brand’s performance overnight.”