Kate Middleton, her Royal hairness.

Not only was Kate's attitire during her North American tour a topic for conversation, her hair garned some much deserved attentin too. Thisi can be credited to her hair stylist, James Pryce. In a recent press article, posted on Richard Ward's hair salon, where Pryce works, it stated that the salon was happy to confirm that [the] creative director, James Pryce, [would] be accompanying the Duchess of Cambridge as her official hairdresser on the forthcoming tour of North America and Canada.

It's another historical moment for the Richard Ward salon team and we are honoured that James has been invited to attend and wish them all a successful tour.

Pryce has been a hair stylist for over 15 years and joined Richard Ward in 2006. He is the creative director for the salon and has worked on various TV projects and photo shoots. His hair philosophy is that a great look lies in the cut. Pryce described the Royal wedding as the gig of the century.

The Telegraph reports that Pryce said of the occasion, For me, it was just a fantastic opportunity and such an honour. It's been very emotional actually.

Really like most guys I bottled up all my emotions. For me really, just being in the abbey and seeing her come through those doors was a very touching moment and I was really sort of fighting back the tears. It was very, very special.
Kate's Royal wedding hair:

On Kate's wedding hair, the salon's website states, 'Catherine's bridal look is called the 'Demi Chignon' - an up-do style which combines a classic bridal look with a regal, couture finish. The focus of the style was Catherine's unique and individual halo style tiara, set just back from the hairline, which determined the finished look.'