Kate Middleton and Prince William will most likely have a fourth baby because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Cambridge just gave birth to Prince Louis last year, but there are rumors that she might consider adding another baby to their growing family by 2020. Bookies Coral said that the mom of three’s pregnancy is imminent, and Prince Harry may have something to do with her decision.

Harry Aitkenhead, the spokesperson for Coral, told Express that Prince Harry’s comment about having only two kids may have encouraged the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to have more than three. This way, they can show the public that there is nothing wrong with having a big family.

Three months ago, a royal source also told Daily Mail that Prince George’s mom will most likely have another child even though she suffered from extreme morning sickness during all of her pregnancies.

Middleton went on a break from her royal duties during her first trimester while she was pregnant with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis because of her dizziness and vomiting.

According to the NHS, extreme morning sickness of hyperemesis gravidarum is different from the usual morning sickness because it doesn’t disappear over time. Pregnant women who suffer from the condition find it difficult to digest food and hold fluids in their bodies.

As of late, the cause of extreme morning sickness remains unknown. But it is possible that it may have something to do with the changing of hormones in the body while a woman is pregnant.

Meanwhile, there are also some rumors suggesting that Middleton may no longer have a fourth child. A family expert previously said that the way the Duchess of Cambridge treats Prince Louis is an indication of her pregnancy plans.

Victoria Jennings told Express that Middleton seems more relaxed with Prince Louis because she has already settled into parenthood.