Kate Middleton's Cousin, Katrina Darling
Kate Middleton's cousin, burlesque dancer Katrina Darling, is about to make the royal family blush, if she hasn't already: the banker-turned-stripper will grace the cover of Playboy for the magazine's September issue. Facebook

Kate Middleton's cousin, burlesque dancer Katrina Darling, is about to make the royal family blush, if she hasn't already: The banker-turned-stripper will grace the cover of Playboy's September issue.

A Playboy spokesman said Kate Middleton's cousin will be featured in an eight-page pictorial as well as the cover of magazine, according to The Insider. The September issue hits newsstands on Aug. 17.

Katrina Darling and the Duchess of Cambridge are second cousins and have never met. Darling learned she was related to Kate Middleton days before the latter's wedding to Prince William in April 2011, according to Fox News.

Kate Middleton's cousin said it would be awkward to meet Kate, Fox News reported.

I'm not sure what I would say in that sort of situation. But I'm sure we would find something to laugh about in it all, Katrina Darling said.

Katrina Darling had been a banker at Barclays, quitting her job earlier this year to become a burlesque dancer, according to The Insider. But the Daily Mail reports she still has her day job.

Part of her routine includes a God Save The Queen number in which Kate Middleton's cousin wears a tiny crown and tosses around a skirt with the colors of the British flag, the website reported.

Darling performed the routine last month at a Mayfair nightclub frequented by Prince William and Prince Harry.

The tabloid described the burlesque dancer's attire as a hugging red corset teamed with a Union Jack skirt and small crown perched on her head.

But as the anthem got going she stripped off completely, revealing bright red nipple tassels and a thong, the Daily Mail reported.

Darling's stripper lifestyle has led to some harsh reactions, she told Fox News.

I've been called God knows what in God knows how many languages. I try not to take the negative attention as a personal attack, I try not to pay attention. I try not try read the press too much, so I don't know what they're saying about me, she said.

Playboy invited Darling to pose, the Daily Mail reported.

Darling said her God Save The Queen routine was inspired by Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, although it's safe to say the queen is not exactly flattered.

I just wanted to do something special for the Jubilee and decided on burlesque, Darling explained.