• Kathy Griffin said the drug detox process she underwent for her painkiller addiction was "nasty" and went on for months
  • Griffin revealed that her withdrawal symptoms included tremors and flop sweat
  • The comedian admitted she was still "a little bit in shock" after being diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago

Kathy Griffin is opening up for the first time about her painkiller addiction and recovery.

The 60-year-old comedian discussed a wide variety of topics in an interview with co-anchor Juju Chang on ABC News' "Nightline," including her recent lung cancer diagnosis, mental health journey, her addiction to pills, a suicide attempt and sobriety. In one clip from the sit-down obtained by People, Griffin talked about the drug detox process she underwent.

"The detox was nasty," she said. "I mean, it was [going on for] months."

Griffin revealed that her withdrawal symptoms included tremors and flop sweat. Her struggles came to a point where she needed her husband's support to keep her balance.

"I was so unsteady," she continued. "Like, when I would brush my teeth, my husband [Randy Bick] had to hold my hips so I wouldn't fall over. It was crazy."

When Chang remarked that she was "in deep," the Emmy winner replied, "[It was a] bad detox — bad detox."

In another clip, Griffin said she was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago as she recounted the moment she learned about her condition.

"Really just days ago — like, I think two weeks ago — I was diagnosed with cancer," she said. "As a friend of mine had said, 'How many kicks in the nuts can you take?' My nuts are pretty strong, but it's a challenge."

The "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" continued, "I was definitely in shock. I'm still a little bit in shock — not denial, but once a day I'll just turn to like, nobody next to me and go, 'Can you believe this s---? Is this a b---h or what?'"

Prior to her interview, the comedian announced her cancer diagnosis via social media.

In a post on Twitter, Griffin wrote, "I have cancer. I’m about to go into surgery to have half of my left lung removed. Yes, I have lung cancer even though I’ve never smoked!"

Griffin added that doctors were "optimistic" that her condition will improve in a couple of months and that she hopes she would not need to go through the usual cancer treatment after her surgery.

"The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and contained to my left lung," she continued. "Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this, and I should have normal function with my breathing. I should be up and running around as usual in a month or less. It’s been a helluva 4 years, trying to get back to work, making you guys laugh, and entertaining you, but I’m gonna be just fine."

She went on to reveal that she was already fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and encouraged others to get updated on their medical checkups.

"Please stay up to date on your medical check ups. It'll save your life," she concluded.

Kathy Griffin
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