Katy Perry
Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone

In her latest act of putting candy on her breasts Katy Perry appears on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a silver Hershey kiss bra top.

Katy reveals her political beliefs in the article: It just feels like the thing running our country is a bank, money. ... I think we are largely in desperate need of revolutionary change in the way our mindset is. Our priority is fame, and people's wellness is way low. I saw this knowing full well that I'm a part of the problem. I'm playing the game, though I am trying to reroute. Anyway, not to get all politically divulging and introspective, but the fact that America doesn't have free health care drives me f*cking absolutely crazy, and is so wrong, Katy said.

Katy also reveals that until she was 19 she taped down the things that she now adorns in candy and cleavage boosting tops.

Other things Katy reveals:

-She loves to watch 'Ancient Aliens' on the History Channel because it 'blows her mind.'

-She's plotting 'world changing' music. Katy very astutely points out that 'California Gurls' will not change the world, nor will it change the proper spelling of 'girls.'

The issue comes out on Friday