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Fur babies
Understand what your fur babies need so you can help keep them healthy and happy always. Free-Photos / Pixabay

Taking care of a pet is like having your own kid. You need to bathe it, clothe it and ensure that it only eats nutritious and good food. You must also keep watch over its health. Those are the responsibilities of a good pet guardian.

Learning and understanding what your pet needs are great ways to keep them healthy and happy!

Pictured: Representational image of a dog beside a food bowl. Mat Coulton / Pixabay

Like an infant, dogs and cats need some special tender-loving-care to keep them as healthy as possible. They need your time and attention, as well as resources for their bodies to stay strong for a long time.

Dietary Needs

Dogs and cats have different daily nutrient intake needs than those of humans. And companies know that these differences exist. Hence, there are separate foods for dogs and cats. This means that neither your meals nor your leftovers are enough for them to meet their daily needs. You must understand these things so you know how to properly provide for your pet’s dietary needs.

It even gets more complicated as you have to factor in the age of your pet. Puppies and senior dogs have distant nutritional needs from one another. So, it is important to consider this before buying just any type of dog food.

Also, don’t forget to keep your beloved furries hydrated. They also need water to help them keep moving, especially on a hot day.

Regular Vet Visits

Your pet animal also needs regular trips to see a medical professional. A veterinarian at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine said that pet animals should visit their vet at least every six months. These health checks are important as it opens an opportunity for a thorough examination of your pet.

So, yes. Your trips to the vet for vaccinations are not enough to keep your beloved pets at the top of their game. They also need consistent check-ups as a great follow through.


Supplements can also play a great role in helping you have healthy pets! CBD Health Collection started its operations back in 2017. The father-daughter-and-son team of Rick, Ashley and Jon did thorough research on how Cannabidiol (CBD) can help their own fur babies. With Jon’s background in carbon dioxide processing of hemp and the overall hemp processing production and Ashley’s experience in the healthcare industry, they launched CBD Health Collection.

The company aims to deliver the highest quality CBD and other Cannabinoids products. The team specifically aims to provide products that will help in relaxation and those that can aid in addressing inflammation and pain.

Essential Oils for Your Pet

Pets need supplements and medicines, too. While there are numerous brands catering to the needs of your little fur buddies, it is best to get products from brands most trusted by pet parents.

CBD Health Collection
CBD Health Collection

CBD Health Collection is the perfect place to source some of your organic pet supplies. The website offers the following products:

1. Spielman CBD Pet Tincture – Pain and Inflammation Formula

Tied under the banner of their Spielman collection -- inspired by All-Star linebacker Chris Spielman -- The Spielman CBD Pet Tincture is formulated to help your beloved pet cope with pain and inflammation. CBD made use of organic U.S.-grown hemp to produce this tincture. It also passed through the highest safety and consistency standards to only give your four-legged friends the formula they deserve.

2. Spielman CBD Pet Tincture – Relaxation Formula

If your pet is having trouble relaxing, you may want to try the Spielman CBD Pet Tincture for Relaxation. Another one of their products under the Spielman collection, this pet tincture features a custom formulation with ingredients featuring organic hemp grown in the U.S. It gives your fur babies the terpene profile commonly observed when pets are in a relaxed mode.

3. CBD Pet Tincture - Pain and Inflammation Formula

This oil was specially made for your pets in need of some pain management. It is made from U.S.-grown, organic hemp. CBD also made sure that only the best standards and highest safety protocols were observed while this oil was being manufactured. On top of all these perks, CBD made this oil more appetizing for your pets as it comes in tasty bacon flavor.

4. CBD Pet Tincture - Relaxation Formula

CBD made this tincture to help your beloved pets relax. It also made sure that the formula used will benefit your fur babies’ overall health and wellness. This tincture was made using organically grown hemp produced in the U.S. You are assured of the safety and quality of this product as it was manufactured with the latest safety standards, as well as being tested by third-party providers for quality assurance.

Closing Pet Care Advice

pet and owner
Your pet deserves the best. Pixabay

It is nice that there is a growing number of businesses catering to pets and their overall health. However, it would still be best to consult your trusted veterinarian of the steps you need to take to care for your fur baby. Remember that your pet friends have their unique set of needs and only a professional can advise what’s best for them.