Kendall Jenner is rumored to be in relationship with basketball player Jordan Clarkson. But a report, debunked by Gossip Cop, claimed that Jenner is in relationship with Clarkson only to make her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles jealous.

According to OK! magazine, Jenner is “still playing her man games,” Gossip Cop reported. The magazine said: “The 20-year-old model was spotted leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California with her rumored boyfriend Jordan Clarkson on May 8!”

The magazine’s report further said that Jenner is “only dating Jordan to make her ex boyfriend Harry Styles jealous!”

“It’s just a ploy to get Harry chasing her again,” a source told the magazine.

However, Gossip Cop dismissed the magazine’s report saying that Jenner does not plan to make Styles jealous and she valued her time with both Clarkson and the One Direction singer.

Jenner ended her relationship with Styles, with whom she was spotted getting intimate at New Year’s Eve on St Barts island in the Caribbean, because the singer was reportedly not ready to be in a “committed relationship.” Previous reports had suggested that the two were facing trouble in their relationship and were heading toward a breakup.

Meanwhile, Jenner and Clarkson are reportedly “super into each other” and have been romantically involved “secretly” for a few months. The two have been seen spending a night out together in West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy, according to reports.