Keri Hilson is trending on Twitter and it’s not for new music.

The “Energy” singer took to her social media platform to share her thoughts on COVID-19 and where it began. Her theory is that 5G cellular networks are to blame for the pandemic.

“Why do you think the virus is not happening in Africa like that? Not a 5G region,” she added. “There may be a few bases there, but not as prevalent as other countries. It has nothing to do w/ melanin (for those theories)...”

However, Hilson has received quite a bit of backlash for her conspiracy theory. In fact, many Twitter users have taken shots at the singer’s intelligence.

One fan replied: “Whoever threw that Beyoncé CD at you threw it a little too hard…”

“Someone needs to go check on Keri Hilson bc I can’t tell if she’s ok or not,” an individual added. “Is this really her, is she hacked, or is trying to tell us someone has kidnapped her and sending crazy tweets to get our attention?”

Another user discredited her sources for information and cautioned others about using them to gain knowledge.

He wrote: “IG and YouTube are NOT credible resources for knowledge/information. I just want everybody to know that.”

On the other hand, a few others defended Hilson citing similar claims.

“I just said 5G is going to shake up the world literally,” one user tweeted. “Some people don’t even understand the dangers of WiFi.”

“Thank you for sharing this on your platform. I know it’s not easy but the masses need to wake up,” another supported tweeted.

Someone replied to the previous person's comment: “Yeah, she a real one. But most people are not ready for the truth. People think sticking little cute radiation-emitting Bluetooth listening devices in [their] ears next to their brain every day is nothing either. Smh. MJ said ‘They don't really care about us.’ They really don't.”

Despite the criticism, Hilson hasn’t backed down from her claims. Instead, she went on to share her plans for self-quarantine.

On Monday she tweeted: “Preparing for a potential 2 week lock-down...Stayed up to catch a 2nd round of shopping at 6 am. Pretty hard to plan what I’m gonna wanna eat over 14 whole days. I’m the girl who doesn’t know what the [expletive] I be [wanting] to eat TUHDAY.” She added a couple emojis, a face with a raised eyebrow and an expressionless face.

Singer Keri Hilson performs "I Have Nothing" at the 59th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills
Singer Keri Hilson performs "I Have Nothing" at the 59th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills Reuters