Kevin Smith disclosed that his wife, actress Jennifer Schwalbach Smith and daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith aren't fond of his upcoming movie, "Clerks 3."

According to the actor, his family isn't happy with the first half hour of the flick. Smith also spoke about Ben Affleck’s cameo in the movie.

"My wife and kid don't enjoy the movie the way I do, at least the first half hour," Smith told EW in an interview published on Tuesday. "My wife's like, 'Look, what you think is funny now was the worst moment of our f--king lives.'"

"And I was like, 'Well, don't say that to the critics, for Christ's sakes! It's too easy a lay-up for them!'" he added.

"Clerks 3" is slated to release on Sept. 13. The trailer of the movie was dropped earlier this month on YouTube. Apart from starring in the movie, Smith has also penned and directed the flick.

The movie revolves around four characters - Dante, Elias, as well as Jay and Silent Bob - who work at a convenience store named Quick Stop.

During the interview, Smith was also asked if Affleck will be seen at the store, considering he appeared in the trailer. "Yes and no," he replied. "In order to keep the integrity of the original universe together, there was no real place to put a zillion cameos."

Smith explained at one point in the plot, that there is a movie audition going on where he invited all the famous people he knows to do a cameo.

"So yes, you do see Ben Affleck in Clerks III, just not at the Quick Stop."

Smith took to Instagram last week to share a framed poster of his third installment, noting that it is a massive milestone for him.

"Ever since finishing the first draft of the @clerksmovie, I’ve been waiting for the day I’d get the poster framed," he captioned the post. "It’s a massive milestone for any filmmaker, as the poster is proof you were able to turn mere whimsy into actual reality."

The first installment of the franchise, titled "Clerks" was dropped in 1994. After more than a decade, Smith came out with a sequel, "Clerks 2" in 2006. Once again after more than a decade, the franchise will release the third installment.

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Kevin Smith plans to stage a live-reading of "Clerks III" to benefit a New Jersey theater. Kevin Smith