Is Kim Kardashian trying to avoid a feud with Taylor Swift? Following reports of her perfume launch date clashing with the singer’s new music release, the reality star has announced that she is postponing the unveiling of her new fragrance.

In a post on Twitter, Kardashian explained why she had to postpone the launch date of the new perfume. The reality star cited production problems as a reason for the change in the release date and did not mention Swift.

Kardashian’s new perfume bottle apparently did not pass the durability test. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star said that they stopped production as soon as they found out about the problem from the manufacturer.

The new perfume is a collaboration between Kardashian and her sister, Kylie Jenner. They both made the decision to stop the production because they don’t want to release a product that doesn’t meet the “strictest of quality guidelines.”

Kardashian did not announce a new release date for the perfume. In a message from her and Jenner, the reality TV stars promised to tell the fans as soon as they have a new release date. They also thanked the fans for their understanding and support.

The previous release date of the new perfume fell on the same date as Taylor is expected to launch her new music. Fans were speculating whether the two celebrities have reignited their feud, US Weekly reported.

The feud began after Swift slammed Kanye West for calling her a “bi-ch” in one of his songs. Kardashian defended her husband by sharing a recording that seemed to show Swift agreeing to it. However, the singer said that she never approved the use of the lyric in the song and she never got to listen to the final version of the song either.

Meanwhile, Jenner has been launching new products in her makeup line. Last week she announced the launch of her “mattifying setting spray.”