Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian explained why she took her clothes off for Paper magazine. Reuters

Kim Kardashian stunned Internet users when she balanced a champagne glass on her rear end, disrobed and bared it all for the camera last week. After days of silence about the Paper magazine shoot, the queen of reality television opened up on Australian talk show “The Project” and explained why she took her clothes off, again, even though she had sworn off nudity years ago.

“I love the photos, I did it for me, I hope other people like them," she said, according to Us Weekly. "I'm never one to preach, but I felt really positive and really good about myself.”

“I looked at it as an art project for me, this was going to make me feel confident and feel good and it taught me to do what you want to do,” Kardashian said, according to “Everyone should do what they’re comfortable with."

It’s a different attitude from when she posed nude in 2010 for W magazine. The reality star was upset with the pictures and even said she was "too old" to appear naked in photographs. But Kardashian explained Tuesday why she changed her mind. “I looked back at a clip of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ last season and I was really heavily pregnant. I was about eight months pregnant, and I looked at my sisters and said, ‘You guys, when I feel like I have my body back, I’m doing a nude shoot.’” As hundreds of thousands of people know, that's exactly what she did.

As far as how Kardashian, 34, was able to balance a champagne glass on her bottom, she said her back hurt for a week. It was not "comfortable" to contort her body into that position, but she was flattered to work with renowned photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

Kardashian even tried to help TV host Rove McManus balance a glass on his behind, though he was not as successful as the starlet. She joked the reason was because his butt wasn't as big as hers.

The "KUWTK" star just released her new fragrance Fleur Fatale, which is has a strong rose scent.

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