Kim Kardashian Saudi Arabia trip
Kim Kardashian is planning to head to conservative Saudi Arabia in January next year, according to reports. The news follows an Instagram proposal from a Saudi prince to pay the reality star $1 million for every night she would spend with him. Getty Images

Reality star Kim Kardashian could be facing a culture shock after she reportedly accepted an invitation to visit the conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia in January next year.

The planned trip is raising eyebrows, as it follows a proposal on Instagram by a Saudi prince, who offered to pay Kardashian $1 million for the opportunity to spend the night with her, according to MediaTakeOut. The proposed visit will be Kardashian's first to Saudi Arabia, but not her first to the Middle East.

A previous visit to Bahrain, to promote a milkshake franchise, caused protests in 2012, according to the Times of London. Police fired tear gas to break up the demonstrations but not before one man was photographed brandishing a placard that read: “Syria receives martyrs, Bahrain receives whores,” according to the paper.

Middle Eastern news site Al-Bawaba advised Kanye West's spouse “to pack an abaya [Muslim garb worn by women in Saudi Arabia], and remember that this Middle East destination is as far away from her fave glitzy and glamorous hot spot Dubai as could be!”

Prior to her 2012 marriage to West, with whom Kardashian has a daughter, North, Kardashian had been linked to wealthy Saudis, who it was claimed wanted to pursue her romantically.

Recent rumors circulating online have also alleged that Kardashian's marriage to West is in trouble.