Kim Kardashian is dead serious about passing her exam that she sacrificed a part of her free time during Labor Day to study and guess who took notice of her efforts? Professor Randy E. Barnett.

Kardashian uploaded a video on her Twitter account showing a textbook and her notes and captioned the tweet, “Contracts” followed by a justice scale.

Kardashian’s tweet did not go unnoticed by Professor Barnett who replied by giving her a tip to her studies.

Barnett, according to Georgetown Law’s webpage, is the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at Georgetown University Law Center. He is an expert in Constitutional Law and Contracts. He even recommended “The Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law: Contracts” to Kardashian.

Barnett’s credentials are notable. He was a graduate of law at Harvard, and a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in Constitutional Studies and Bradley Prize. Considering his field of expertise, Kardashian could’ve just received one of the best tips on how to study law effectively and pass the bar.

Kardashian revealed her interest in becoming a lawyer back in April, during an interview with Vogue, Sify Movies noted. What inspired her to take such endeavor was her exposure at a law firm in San Francisco. Kardashian will reportedly take the bar exams in 2022.

Kardashian was known as true criminal justice warrior for her compassion for the incarcerated. Back in July, Kardashian visited a Correctional Treatment Facility which housed those men and women waiting for trial or serving short sentences. The said facility also serves as a venue in preparing those who would return to their communities after being in jail for a long time.

Kardashian reportedly had several visits to the White House and advocated for Alice Johnson, Kevin Keith and Chris Young. When Kanye West’s pal, A$AP Rocky, got caught up in a troublesome encounter and detained in Sweden, Kardashian took the initiative and met up with President Trump requesting for aid to release the rapper.

It was also reported earlier that President Trump supported Kardashian’s advocacy for Criminal Justice Reform. The two were reportedly seen a few times having a meeting to discuss matters pertaining to CJR.

Naturally, not all people appreciate what Kardashian is doing. In fact, one source revealed to the news outlet People that West’s wife already knew that some laughed at her dreams of becoming a lawyer, the news publication Sify Movies reiterated.

However, she reportedly did not care. Notwithstanding what others think, the source allegedly claimed that Kardashian will continue whatever she’s doing.