Kim Kardashian, who recently told Australian TV that intuition made her split from husband Kris Humpries, is set to keep her $2 million engagement ring.

Humphries, who was devastated by Kardashian's decision to end their 72-day marriage, was hoping to get back his 20.5 carat diamond ring, according to sources.

But Kardashian's mother and manager Kris Jenner told Good Morning America, while promoting her new memoir, that the ring will not be returned to Humphries.

It’s a gift. You keep a gift, said Jenner.

Jenner had earlier said Kardashian's decision to end her marriage came after a lot of heartache.

Jenner, in an interview with Johnjay and Rich, said, Kim had to make a very difficult decision. But she needed to do that on her own. You know, she's not 5 years old. She's a 31-year-old woman who definitely needs my support right now. Whatever her decision was at the time, I'm just here to support her as her mom and make sure she's okay today.

Jenner said her daughter should keep the ring, although the decision was totally the former couple's. Jenner told Fox and Friends on Thursday that A gift is a gift. If you look at the etiquette books, it says keep a present.

Jenner added, But I don't think Kim is as concerned about that as everything else. I don't think it's about the gifts or the money, it's about what she's feeling and about two people and how their lives are changing.