SNK and PlayStation kept their promise late last year about releasing a new update for “The King of Fighters XIV” that would enhance the game’s graphics to a whole new level. The update was launched early this week for the PS4 title.

GearNuke did a detailed comparison of the visuals of the game before and after the installation of the update. The gaming news site examined the visual upgrades of the character models based on their specials or victory pose. Based on its comparison, the colors of the characters have been enhanced drastically with the shadows making them more three-dimensional than before.

In the second round of comparison, the site took notice of the lighting of the characters and the fighting arena. From the looks of the screenshots GearNuke took, it’s easy for one to tell that the colors with the new update are richer. The site noted how the character models now appear to really fit the art style of the game due to the retouch in their colors and shading.

Back in December, PlayStation released a teaser trailer for update version 1.10, hinting that players will notice improved visuals with the new update. The teaser in itself showed off the graphical comparison between the game prior and after the update.

Aside from the graphical enhancements, the new update for “The King of Fighters XIV” also brings new color variations for the getup of the characters. Now the outfit of each character has up to six color variants players can choose from.

The patch notes lists the following changes to the game: “Improved display on graphics and characters. Increased color variations for each characters from 4 to 6 colors. Addressed other issues and improved functionality.”

The new update is clocking in at 3.7 GB. It is currently available for free download from the PlayStation Store.