Nintendo is preparing for its first press conference about the Nintendo Switch console that will go live on Jan. 12 in Tokyo. Interestingly, more details about the console hybrid have surfaced online a day before the event.

The first leak has to do with pricing. Previously, Nikkei predicted that Nintendo’s new console is valued at ¥25,000 or $250 U.S. dollars. There was also another rumor claiming that the device could be priced at $329.99 Canadian dollars ($245 U.S. dollars).

On Tuesday, someone from Best Buy took to Reddit to reveal that the Switch is launching with a $249.99 price tag. The post has since sparked discussions among fans who are already anticipating the release of the device this March.

By the looks of things, many are skeptical about the Reddit post, since it’s easy for people nowadays to claim something online. However, Reddit’s mods got out of their way to verify the credibility of the leaker, as per MobiPicker. Therefore, it is possible that the leaked price could be the official one for the highly anticipated console.

As the next-gen console of Nintendo, the Switch is getting a lot of attention online due to its specs, features and possible launch titles. Previous reports have claimed that the launch title of the device could either be a “Zelda” or a “Mario” game.

Another reason why the Nintendo Switch is making headlines early this week has to do with the device’s accessories. At CES 2017, third-party hardware company snakebyte showcased its foldable headset and starter kit for the gaming console hybrid. This week, other interesting accessories were spotted online.

According to Eurogamer, there is now information about an arcade stick for the Switch. In addition, NeoGAF leaks have uncovered an in-car charger and a couple of custom skins. Other items that will be made available to Switch fans include a LAN adaptor, a game cartridge, a Pro Controller with turbo button and a screen protector. Check out this NeoGAF thread to view all of the leaked accessories. 

Nintendo has two Japan presentations about its upcoming console this week. The first one is on Jan. 12 where it will be talking about the device and the games it will support. Then, on Jan. 13, Nintendo is doing a Treehouse Live Presentation to reveal more details about the launch titles, as reported previously here at IBTimes.