In "Kingdom Hearts 3," a secret formchange can be accessed at random times. While the form is cool by itself, it’s actually a “high risk, high reward” form that some daredevil players may want to try out. Here’s how to use the Rage Form in this game.

In the previous game, players had access to the Anti-Form, which features Sora transforming into a Heartless. While Sora retains most of his regular form, he’s covered mostly in jet black colors and has the bright yellow eyes of the Heartless. In this form, Sora’s tools are mostly melee attacks with no access to healing spells and other moves, which is similar to the "Kingdom Hearts 3" Rage Form.

To attain this form, players will normally have to take a lot of damage and generally be in a major disadvantage, such as having low health and no MP to cast any Magic. Once the Formchange meter fills up after taking too much damage, Rage Form will be available instead of the usual formchange bound to their Keyblade. Upon activation, Rage Form refills Sora back to full health, making him ready to fight in this new form.

In Rage Form, the players’ only means of offense is the Attack command and its Riskcharge finishes. Sora’s attacks turn into swift swipes, which sometimes could be too fast to look at, and any enemy caught will be at the mercy of a flurry of blows. Adding to the improved attack speed, Sora’s dodge roll is replaced with a phase out dash that temporarily removes Sora from sight and makes him invulnerable from any damage.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Pirates of the Carribean Regardless of which world you're in, Rage Form is available for players to use.

The Riskcharge move can be activated up to three times before the last finishing special move shows up. Riskcharge is literally a risky move as it blasts all foes in the area around Sora in exchange for half of his current health. During crowded fights, players may inevitably die from a stray hit after a Riskcharge if used carelessly.

Lastly, the final finishing move for this form doesn’t cost health and causes Sora to drill his Keyblade into the floor to release dark orbs that deal continuous damage in a short time. Due to the Rage Form’s health costs, it’s highly advisable to be careful in using it rather than literally unleashing rage to your enemies.

However, the form is not all that bad if you have use it to cycle to the next finishing move. Players can spam all three Riskcharges continuously to quickly get to the finishing move and end the formchange. Moreover, Donald, Goofy and other party members can heal you with Potions during this form even if you can’t do it yourself.

As of now, there is no Keyblade in "Kingdom Hearts 3" that willingly provides players with this form. If you do encounter it, assess the situation if it's time to destroy foes with brute force or immediately end the form if you need to play safe at the moment.