Kourtney Kardashian spends just 10 minutes working on her legs and butt in order to keep them toned. The busy mom-of-three has a personal trainer, who revealed the Poosh founder’s exercise routine that others can use to get her perfect figure.

Amanda Lee is Kardashian’s personal trainer who helps her stay in shape despite her busy schedule. In a recent interview with E! News, the trainer revealed that the reality star loves “working on her booty.” She shared details about the 10-minute exercise routine and also revealed her client’s favorite exercises.

According to Lee, if people have a very busy schedule, they should go for a high intensity training. The trainer suggested that people take little or no breaks during their 10-minute workout session. One way to make the limited time high intensity is by adding burpees and jump rope in-between sets.

The main idea of the 10-minute workout is to make it so rigorous that the person exercising is exhausted by the end of it. Lee suggested that people keep moving during these 10-minutes and make it as intense as possible. This approach, according to the trainer, is “ more effective than a lazy 40-minute workout.”

As far as the exercises are concerned, Kardashian likes to do jump squats, single deadlifts and walking lunges. The reality TV star shared her full exercise routine on her Poosh website. Some of the other exercises she does are plié squats, donkey kicks and single leg glute bridge. Details about how to do these exercises have been elaborated on the company’s website.

Apart from her work for the reality TV series of her family, managing her new venture Poosh and raising her kids, Kardashian also takes time out to travel extensively. She recently shared a picture of her trip with her children, and later she was a part of a photo shoot with her sister in New York.