Kristen Stewart is not slowing down on making movies.

On Thursday, Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend was spotted in character while filming for “Underwater.” Sporting her new cropped hairstyle, Stewart was seen in full costume and covered in cuts, blood and bruises, Daily Mail reported. The publication noted that her disheveled look and injuries were just for the shooting.

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In the photos obtained by the publication, Stewart flaunted her toned torso in a tiny bra top. She paired this with a gray baseball jacket and drawstring tracksuit bottoms. The “Personal Shopper” star was also holding a script as she walked around the set.

In “Underwater,” Stewart plays the role of a member of a jaded crew on an undersea expedition. They later find themselves fighting to survive in the wake of an earthquake.

Olivier Assayas, who worked with Stewart on two projects, “Cloud Of Sils Maria” and “Personal Shopper,” was convinced that Pattinson’s ex was the best actress of her generation. Assayas has worked with great actresses like Juliette Binoche, Maggie Cheung and Chloe Sevigny, but picked Stewart as the one who excels on her craft the most among them.

“Kristen has an infinitely larger range than many actresses of her generation,” Assayas told Screen Daily. “She has an inner depth coupled with a spontaneity and naturalness that sets her apart. She also has an innate understanding of cinema that makes me believe she could succeed at directing too.”

Stewart has grown up since making her debut in the entertainment industry. The actress was still in high school when the “Twilight” franchise began. She has played a number of roles since then, but when she was just starting out, she admitted that she felt terrified.

Stewards started performing in school. Back then, she said she was so self-conscious that she felt she was not a natural performer. However, that later changed with more experience. “I used to be fearful. I used to feel violated. But that was a defence mechanism; I think I’ve grown out of it now,” she told The Guardian.

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