The tug of war between Tyga, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna is “sure to get real ugly now,” a source told Radar Online, referring to a series of pictures and videos posted on social media by the three. The report said that the issue may have started with a photo of Jenner that Tyga shared on his Instagram page on Saturday, showing her in a revealing black dress.

Soon after Jenner’s photo was posted, Blac Chyna posted a video on her Instagram page in a short black dress. Jenner posted more pictures on her Instagram page, which were countered by Blac Chyna’s photos and videos.

“Kylie feels like she has to one-up everything that Blac Chyna does and has been told repeatedly by her sisters to just let it go. But she can’t,” the source told Radar Online, referring to the pictures posted by the current and former lady loves of Tyga.

On Sunday, Blac Chyna posted a photo showing a man and a kid, with words “your dad” morphed into the man’s face and “Me” written next to the child. The source said that “she was just trying to show her fans how basic Tyga is in comparison to her.”

Jenner posted a photo on the same day showing her and two other girls by the pool, while Tyga posted a photo with his son, King Cairo, who he has from Blac Chyna. Jenner also posted a photo of her car parked at Tyga’s driveway.

“Tyga knows he is a good father to King Cairo and doesn’t care what Blac has to say about this,” the source reportedly said, adding: “At this point things are starting to get ridiculous.”

On Monday, Blac Chyna posted another photo that showed her lying on a bed in her undergarments, with a caption: “I’m not scared.” She followed it with a video of her in a white revealing dress.

The fight will reportedly get uglier as Jenner will be featured in an MTV2 show about Tyga, which starts July 24. “Tyga’s upcoming MTV show (Kingin’ With Tyga) will feature Kylie and that annoys Blac Chyna so bad,” the source reportedly said.