Kylie Jenner has no plans to deny that she had a child, but she will only confirm her pregnancy when she is ready to do so.

A source recently told Entertainment Tonight that Jenner has no plans to keep her pregnancy a secret for the rest of her life. The 20-year-old also has no intentions to keep her baby girl in her home so that photos of her will not be shared online.

When Jenner is finally ready to return to the spotlight, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO will definitely talk about her pregnancy, as well as her experiences as a first time mom to her and Travis Scott’s baby.

“Kylie has been chilling at home for the most part and just living her best life. She has really enjoyed this time away from the spotlight. It’s the first time she can remember in her entire life not being followed by cameras and she’s just trying to enjoy this privacy. She’s definitely not going to deny that she’s had a baby, or continue to evade questions about it all,” the source said.

The source added that after Jenner’s baby is born, she is expected to make an official announcement. Khloe Kardashian already made an announcement about her pregnancy in December. Kim Kardashian also announced that her third child has already been born. On Friday, she confirmed that her baby will be called Chicago West.

Jenner is also expected to release a photo of her first child, and fans will soon find out if she had a girl or a boy. Kris Jenner’s youngest child is expected to give birth next month.

“Yes, she will release a photo and yes, she will acknowledge the baby. She’s excited to continue to be her authentic self, and that will soon mean being a mother and sharing that with her fans,” the source said.

Jenner’s pregnancy was first reported in September just days before it was also revealed that Khloe was pregnant with her first child.