After Akon’s composition its Lady Gaga's turn to sing a song for Bollywood.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has approached pop star Lady Gaga to sing a song for his next home production Ra One.

Khan is continuously in touch with Gaga’s manager for the deal. He is extremely inspired by Gaga and is very keen to do a song with her.

“I have been chatting up with her (Lady Gaga) over a song that I want to do with her and once her manager had said ‘Lady Gaga wants to introduce her audience to you and she wants to be introduced to your audience’. So one understands she believes in pure, simple wonderful business,” Shah Rukh told Hindustan Times.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has introduced Khan to Gaga. According to the sources discussions were held that Gaga will sing a song which will promote the film at a later stage.

Gaga recently told a U.S.-based news channel that she has some special plans for India. When asked about the plans she said, can't disclose, but it's a collaboration with some local people.

Gaga is hugely inspired by India. She loves the fashion sense and the ethnic and traditional look. Her manager is discussing a possibility of her desi avatar for the music video which might also feature Shah Rukh, sources revealed.

While Khan is busy convincing Gaga, his team is also considering Shakira as another option.

Shakira in the past has toured India and has met SRK.