Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom Reuters

Just one day after Lamar Odom allegedly checked himself into a drug rehabilitation center on Wednesday, the troubled NBA player reportedly left the facility. According to E News, Odom -- the husband of reality-television personality Khloe Kardashian -- left the rehab center on Thursday.

The apparent moves in and out of the rehab center came a week after the basketball player was arrested in Los Angeles for showing “objective signs of intoxication,” according to the California Highway Patrol.

Odom has yet to make any comment about the allegations of drug abuse surrounding him. His wife has also remained silent on the details of the situation, making only allusions to the situation via her Instagram and Twitter accounts. For instance, Kardashian posted a message on Twitter days after Odom’s arrest, saying:

Odom has faced drug-related issues in the past, ABC News reported. In 2001, he twice violated the NBA drug policy, and, in 2003, he admitted using marijuana, the news outlet said.

Although it appears Odom has once again lost control of his addiction, two sources told the Los Angeles Times he is still receiving treatment, even though he is not at the rehab center.

Odom is currently an unrestricted free agent following last season with the Los Angeles Clippers. ESPN reported that a couple of Odom’s former teammates have reached out to the player with no response.

“It sucks to hear,” Jordan Farmar told ESPN in a phone interview. The two played together during Odom’s time with the L.A. Lakers. “It’s unfortunate. A couple of us have reached out to him and haven’t heard back. That’s just a sign of him going through some tough times.”