“The Last Kingdom” has finally been renewed for Season 4 by Netflix. The cast members of the show made the announcement in a unique and exciting video that has been posted online. The TV series is an adaptation of books written by Bernard Cornwell, and there is plenty of source material left to tell some great stories.

Lead cast member Alexander Dreymon made the announcement on Twitter. In the video, the actor spoke in the accent of his character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg. He called on his men to join him as there’s “work to do.”

Osferth, aka Baby Monk (Ewan Mitchell), the Irishman Finan (Mark Rowley) and Sihtric (Arnas Fedaravicius) are all ready to go to battle. Even Clapa (Magnus Samuelsson), who is dead on the show, was ready to join Uhtred in a new adventure, only to be told that he can’t come.

But where are they going? And what is this “work” they have to do? Sihtric is ready to go to war, and Finan prefers an alehouse, as usual, but they are not going to these places. Instead, they are going to “Season 4,” Dreymon announced as Uhtred.

It isn’t clear if the video that Dreymon shot was from one of the production sets of “The Last Kingdom.” Mitchell, Rowley and Fedaravicius were certainly enjoying the holidays when they were called back to duty.

Speaking of the holidays, the cast and crew of the show wished the fans a Merry Christmas in a Twitter post. Since there isn’t a lot of merriment in “The Last Kingdom,” the team made the greeting with a picture of Uhtred and his men forming a shield wall.

After the show was picked up by Netflix, there have been many changes that have taken place. New villains have been introduced, and some of the popular characters have died. A review by Winter Is Coming called Season 3 the best so far. The show apparently got a bigger budget for the third installment, and the episodes were longer. The show may have also picked up new viewers, as it appears to have had a wider audience recently.

Netflix may allow “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 to have the same budget and give the cast and crew the chance to to deliver another hit performance. More details about the actual production and some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos are expected to be released online in the coming weeks and months after the production begins.