“The Last Of Us 2” voice actress Ashley Johnson seemingly revealed the release date of the Naughty Dog game in a recent interview. Both Sony and its developers have yet to announce any specific date. If Johnson’s revelation turns out to be true, the game’s release would fall between two timelines of batch releases.

Johnson, who provides the voice for Ellie, mouthed the release date in her interview with Critical Role. When asked about the date, Johnson mouthed the first syllable of February and didn’t finish what she wanted to say. Nevertheless, many fans are already taking her clue as the possible official release date of the game.

As E3 2019 went on, few PS4 and multiplatform title trailers came out but there was nothing for “The Last Of Us 2.” Since Sony didn’t have a press conference, there was no new update about the PlayStation 4's upcoming exclusives. Kojima Production’s “Death Stranding” and the upcoming Naughty Dog game didn’t have any new trailers and updates during the whole event.

As for “The Last of Us 2’s” release, it is setting itself at a good spot between the late 2019 and early 2020 releases. “Death Stranding” is scheduled to be released in November. Meanwhile, "The Last Of Us 2's" February release sits nicely before CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077” in April and Square Enix's "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" release in March. So far, Naughty Dog's title doesn't have a rival in its release month based on the E3 2019 reveals.

Naughty Dog has not hinted at any potential release date. The next upcoming events that Sony has a chance to talk about the game is the Tokyo Game Show in September and PlayStation Experience in December.