Riot Games has recently released a new trailer for its "PROJECT: Reckoning" set of skins. These new cybernetic skins will be for Pyke, Irelia, Akali and Jinx. However, fans seem to have discovered a fifth skin in the video’s tags.

In the official "League of Legends" Youtube channel, the new "Outsiders | PROJECT: Reckoning" trailer shows a battlefield with robots under attack by something inside the smoke. One drone can be seen trying to retrieve its weapon, only for it to be attacked and pulled into the thick smog.

Beyond the smog lies the four new "PROJECT: Reckoning" characters, namely Pyke, the Jinx, Irelia and Akali. The trailer quickly fades and shows the four looking into a cybernetic city. In its lore, the "PROJECT" characters are cyborgs that work for or rebel against a governing entity in its cybernetic story.

So far, the trailer’s lore shows that these four characters are abandoned units and seem to be bent on destroying the culprit who had turned them into cyborgs.

Other than these four champioins, a fifth champion may receive their own "PROJECT" skin despite not being shown in this trailer. Riot Games’ EarthSlug teased this extra champion in one of his Twitter posts.

But fans were quick to find that this fifth champion is Warwick. The video's tags also included “Warwick” when checked using its source code. In the trailer, players can barely see through the smoke, and Warwick wasn’t among the champions that showed up near the end of the trailer.

Even so, fans speculated that the glowing red eyes running in the smoke could be that of the werewolf champion as his eyes glow red when using his Blood Hunt ability.

At best, this new "PROJECT: Reckoning" could also have its own event. The previous "PROJECT" event featured one that only allowed Marksman champions who hunted each other in a free-for-all battle in tight corridors.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Riot to reveal the release date of this new "PROJECT: Reckoning" skin set on the live servers.