• Irelia and Riven are "Wild Rift's" newest additions to the roster of playable champions
  • Both champions feature high damage, high mobility and steep learning curves
  • They will retain their original kits from the PC version of "League Of Legends" 

More updates for “Wild Rift” are currently being released, with two of “League Of Legends’” most iconic top laners receiving their mobile counterparts in the latest 2.3 patch update.

Wild Rift” Patch 2.3 will be introducing Irelia and Riven to the game alongside the usual laundry list of balance changes and bug fixes. Both new champions will be available for the same price as every other newly-released champion in the game, but players will be able to get them for free during the new Broken Blades event.

Plenty of parallels can be drawn between the two champions. They are both strong duelists who can function well in both Mid and Baron Lanes, and they each have very high skill ceilings that can make for some truly outstanding plays.

Irelia and Riven will both retain their original kits from the PC version. There won’t be any significant or game-changing alterations to their abilities like Ashe’s steerable arrow or Lux’s global laser, but Irelia will be getting some QoL changes to make her abilities a little bit easy to land.

Irelia's updated preview model for Wild Rift
Irelia's updated preview model for Wild Rift Riot Games

For the uninitiated, Irelia is an Ionian Blade Dancer who controls a set of floating blades to stun, slow, protect and kill. She has incredible damage potential and very high mobility in the right circumstances. However, her offensive prowess takes time to ramp up, forcing players to be creative with her abilities in order to reach her maximum potential as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Riven is an exiled Noxian warrior who can deal big bursts of damage along with decent CC, high mobility and strong self-sustain. She’s a lane bully who excels at dominating the early game to achieve a significant lead over the enemy. However, Riven’s sustained damage is relatively weak and if improperly used, she can get easily taken down in a team fight.

Riven and Irelia are mechanically-demanding champions who work best with players who can string abilities quickly. “Wild Rift’s” touch controls may prove to be difficult at first, but Riot has been optimizing the game for seamless command inputs on touchscreen devices. Players shouldn’t have much trouble with controlling these champions after enough games have been put into them.

Both champions have had their problematic balance phases in the PC version of “League Of Legends” but hopefully, the “Wild Rift” team can make their overwhelming early game presence more bearable in the mobile MOBA’s faster and more lethal atmosphere.