• ARAM will be available for three days starting April 5
  • The game mode features a single lane with greatly accelerated XP and gold gains.
  • If the test run is successful, the game mode will be available again from April 15 to May 19

The latest patch for “League of Legends: Wild Rift” is bringing a long list of changes and additions to the game, including the All Random, All Mid (or simply ARAM) game mode for PC later in April. The new patch also introduces the game’s regional open beta for the Americas, letting “League Of Legends” fans play the mobile version of the game after years of waiting.

ARAM is a 5v5 game mode featuring a single lane and randomly-assigned champions per player. It’s designed for quicker and more intense matches compared to the traditional Summoner’s Rift map where experience and gold gain are increased significantly. This and the single-lane design allows teamfights to break out almost immediately, making it the perfect game mode for players who are looking for some quick action.

ARAM will put two teams of players over a crumbling bridge over the Howling Abyss. The map will have similar bases on each end and nothing but a few bushes across the bridge to give teams a tactical advantage.

A screen cap of the mobile version of the Howling Abyss in Wild Rift
A screen cap of the mobile version of the Howling Abyss in Wild Rift. Riot Games

The game will assign a random champion to each player at the Champion Select screen. Players who do not want to use their assigned champion may opt to re-roll for a new pick or trade their current one with someone else on their team.

The patch 2.2 version of ARAM for “Wild Rift” comes with caveats. Riot Games will be releasing a test build of the game mode, so players can expect both champion and game balance to be hit-or-miss. ARAM’s PC counterpart is subject to its own balancing rules and ideologies, and the mobile version is expected to do the same.

Balancing ARAM in “Wild Rift” is bound to be more delicate considering how the mobile game is already designed for faster matches. The team at Riot will have to balance match length with the game’s existing core philosophies in order to create a well-paced game mode with as few frustrations as possible.

The game mode will be available from April 5 to 8. If things go smoothly, then the mode will be available again from April 15 to May 19, according to a press release from Riot.