League of Legends Team Dignitas
League of Legends championship games draw huge crowds to arenas like Madison Square Gardens and now a bidding war has broken out to purchase one of the main teams playing the game professionally. Riot Games

The “League of Legends” world championship is well underway, with 16 teams facing off for their share of a $2 million prize pool -- and now the BBC is jumping in on the action by offering live coverage of the quarterfinals on BBC Three.

The quarterfinals kick off from October 15-18 at London’s Wembley arena, with the BBC announcing on Thursday that its coverage will all be available online, as part of a team effort from BBC Three and BBC Sport.

“We jumped at the chance to collaborate with BBC Sport and bring this massive UK event to a wider audience,” said BBC Three Controller Damian Kavanagh, in a statement. “BBC Three will always experiment with new ways to deliver content that young people want, in ways they want.”

“League of Legend’s” world championship is one of the biggest eSport events every year, with fans around the world watching over 70 million hours of last year’s championship.

After the quarterfinals the semis will be held in Brussels, Belgium from October 24-25 before the finals take place in Berlin, Germany on October 31.

The winner of the 2015 worlds will take home $1 million, with second place earning $250,000.

eSports is increasingly becoming mainstream for traditional media companies and TV stations, with TBS announcing an eSports league to be broadcast twice a year in 10-week periods.