Motorola's follow-up to the Droid X does not officially exist, but that hasn't stopped Android Central from digging up pictures of the device.

Echoing a pair of previous leaks, the newest images of the as yet-unannounced smartphone depict a device in very much the same vein as its predecessor, released last July.

Running Android 2.2 (Froyo), the Droid X2 features the same set of physical buttons running below its screen, HDMI output, and a MicroUSB slot. The fact that the device so closely resembles the original Droid X may be disappointing for those who lamented the original phone's relatively unimpressive form factor. But considering that these images come from an anonymous source, there's always a slight chance they are completely fake. Droid X detractors can take heart in that.

According to a Verizon roadmap that leaked last week, the Droid X2 will appear as early as this May, and if the leak is accurate the newest Droid X may also be LTE-equipped -- a significant draw for the device.