Research in Motion, which has been denying reports that its BlackBerry Messenger might launch on non-BlackBerry platforms, might be having second thoughts.

Backing the reports released earlier this year about the company's plans to launching BlackBerry Messenger on Android and IOS 5, new images surfacing on the Internet suggest that the BBM will be available for Android users very soon.

The two images, released by Techradar and supposedly leaked by an RIM employee, show that the users will be given personal identification numbers to identify themselves. The screen shot also suggests that the profile page of the app will show display name, personal message, status and recent activities.

The images don't show whether the messenger service will include other services like BBM Music for the Android users.

According to Techradar's report, the application works well with Android's push notification. The report also suggests that the app is in beta testing currently but RIM will launch it by the end of the year.

The earlier reports, in March this year, had suggested that RIM will launch the BBM service for third-party platforms by year's end.

If BBM becomes Available for android and IOS, RIM may charge the third-party platform users for the service. The users may also not get the options of using BBM's media sharing and location information options.