• The upcoming DJI drone will have a cinematic first-person view, a leaked video shows
  • The video shows DJI FPV from different angles
  • It also teases upgrades on goggles and controllers and other improvements

A leaked unboxing video has added substance to rumors claiming that the next DJI drone will feature a cinematic first-person view. The clip also provides a glimpse of what to expect from the highly anticipated quadcopter.

The leaked Dominion Drones video reposted by SpiderMonkey FPV shows the unboxing of the rumored DJI FPV drone with "not for sale" and "display memo" stickers on the box as well as the controller.

In the clip, the first-person view camera is visible from various angles. The main FPV camera can also be seen mounted high on top of the drone.

It also showcases added sensors facing front and downward. A report from The Verge said that the sensors are intended to keep the device from obstacles in the duration of its journey.

The V2 goggles look a lot like the ones released back in 2019. However, according to the unboxing house, the new racing goggles come much lighter than their predecessor.

The video also reveals how DJI upgraded the controllers for easier user handling. They now come with a gamepad-inspired look with sculpted grips.

As for power sustainability, the upcoming quadcopter kit comes with a portable power bank aside from the usual charger. The video did not specify which among the devices will need to use the power back up, however.

If the next DJI drone release ends up very similar to the one showcased in the unboxing video, it will be DJI's leap to capture the latest drone trends. The upcoming quadcopter will be the first to move away from the original aerial photography intended design and bear the appearance of competition FPV drones.

The cinematic FPV flying is one of the latest trends in drones today. It features high-speed dream-like flying scenes, similar to GoPro footage.

Back in December 2020, leakers hinted at DJI's plans to come up with the latest in drone technology. Among these insiders were Twitter user OsitaLV, a DJI leaker who tweeted that DJI FPV could come with a 93mph speed and a 4K 60 fps on-board recording with stabilization.

The video did not show an actual test flight of the drone, though. According to Endgadget, followers may have to wait for more leaks or until the rumored March launch to find out if the speculated 93mph top speed DJI FPV capability is true.

A Mavic Pro 2 drone made by the Chinese company DJI
A Mavic Pro 2 drone made by the Chinese company DJI AFP / Hector RETAMAL