Pocketnow has revealed some interesting BlackBerry videos posted on Vimeo that show a revolutionary device. The videos show businesspeople using their phones for both corporate and everyday use.

The overall design of the handset is simple, sleek and cool -- a full-screen smartphone with edge-to-edge display -- but the on-screen phone functions seem overly basic. While the device itself seems to be nothing more than a rectangle with a large sceen (there's no sign of the BlackBerry keyboard), it has impressive capabilities.

The portable handset plays a role in the business employees' everyday lives with interactions between employees, employees and customers and employees and their work. The videos also show the phone seemlessly interacting with computers, smart tables and tablets. A man uses his phone as an ID to access a conference room while another woman uses her phone to get into a secure building.

While the videos give no indication of what the handset is, what its called, or if it even exists, it would be an impressive turn around for Research in Motion, which has struggled to maintain its footing in the highly competitive smartphone market.

RIM has not commented on the videos and it isn't clear if the device pictured in the videos is even real. Still, if this kind of edge-to-edge interactive display is the future for RIM, could it save the BlackBerry smartphone brand?

BlackBerry Future Visions 1 from Evan Blass on Vimeo.

BlackBerry Future Visions 2 from Evan Blass on Vimeo.