Charles LeClerc claims the securing of the first two Formula 1 race wins is evidence Ferrari had the right idea when they promoted him. This is after only a year in the championship.

Ferrari signed LeClerc last year during his second season in the sport to replace Kimi Raikkonen who was going to Alfa Romeo racing at the time.

He had initially shown some instances of greatness at the beginning of the season like leading the Bahrain Grand Prix before a mechanical issue robbed him of the victory.

 He has since come under fire for the inexperience linked to the mistakes he made during the season.

These include crashing during the qualifying race at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after being the quickest driver the whole weekend.

He has also received criticism for his rather aggressive driving matched up against more experienced drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

Though, there has been no fiercer critic of his mistakes than LeClerc himself. His previous consecutive wins are a sign the talented young driver has finally got the formula right and got into the groove of things.

The result has been silence from those who claimed his promotion was too brash considering his age and experience.

He told media outlets he understood the sentiment from critics when Ferrari signed him. They claimed he was too young as it was his second year in the sport and Ferrari

He could only thank Ferrari for believing in him as they had a lot of data to analyze.

He has admitted to having a troubled start to the season though, but he has grown since the season start.

He was happy with the results at the end of the day as they show he is more ready than what some people thought.

Describing the pressure he felt from the Mercedes duo during the Monza race, LeClerc claims he was aware of the significance the  Italian Grand Prix victory would mean.  It was the first home win for Ferrari in 9 years.

He had no words to describe it in English, comparing the win to "liberation" or "freedom."

It was well worth the effort though it was a lot of pressure, especially from Mercedes. 

The race felt a lot longer than it was.

He has since gone up a notch in the championship standings taking fourth place from Sebastian Vettel and has become one of the valid contenders for the 2019 season championship.