A new teaser video that looks to be for “Left 4 Dead 3” has appeared online and has excited many of the Valve franchise’s fans. The game company, however, has something to say about it.

“Left 4 Dead” is one of the most successful zombie shooter titles in gaming history. Players of the original 2008 game were assigned roles and had to play with three other teammates in a fight for survival against the undead. The first installment received such a good response that Valve had to create a sequel, Screen Rant reported.

The sequel, “Left 4 Dead 2,” was released in 2009 to become another hit among players. But although the first and second installments of the game became critically acclaimed hits, fans wondered if a third installment will be released for the gaming world to see.

A new trailer?

Fans’ hopes for a third installment seemed to come to nothing until recently when a new video trailer purporting to be for “Left 4 Dead 3” suddenly appeared online, PC Gamer reported.

The new trailer is an impressive showing of what the game could be, although it actually doesn’t give away any detail. ComicBook noted how the new “trailer” looked like a teaser more than a full-fledged trailer owing to the fact that it showed nothing but atmospheric shots combined with various enivronments.

Although the trailer appears to be an impressive attempt at reawakening the gaming public’s demand for a third entry into the series, it’s obviously a fake video, one that Valve would likely have no part with for a few reasons.

First, the video featured a box of “Life” branded cereal at one point. To do this, Valve would have to go through the trouble of getting a license before it could feature the brand. It’s unlikely that the company would do that.

Second, there have been a number of impressive but fake trailers in the past. One can’t consider this new “trailer” as “legitimate” just because it looks good.

Third, ComicBook claimed that “[n]ot a lot of stuff leaks out Valve, especially of this magnitude.”

Officially denied

Aside from these reasons, there’s one major reason to believe that this impressive-looking trailer is fake: Valve’s denial. Shortly after the video was reported to the public, Valve itself said the video is fake. Still, it’s good looking video that fans of the series can enjoy.

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